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Here at Blazing Spear Security we provide a full range of security services, and specialise in close protection.

We also offer private security guards, site security, executive protection and venue security, maintaining a professional, polite and respectful service at all times. With specialist military security experience and highly competent personnel, we can ensure your safety at virtually any venue in the UK.





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We provide close protection and security in Wiltshire and across the UK for a wide range of individuals, companies, and people in the public eye who need to feel safe when they are travelling. There are many factors to consider when providing venue security for a client. Where possible, we will assess the venue thoroughly beforehand, gaining knowledge of entrances and exits, on-site security details, emergency action plans, and pickup points.

We will also ensure that all interaction between ourselves and the venue is courteous and respectful at all times, enabling working as a team in a smooth manner, and ensuring the security service itself is never jeopardised.



A bodyguard with an earpiece

Guarding services

Whether you require private security services for personal close protection or safeguarding your premises and property, we are at your service. Our dedicated team offers a professional and thorough approach to meet your security needs, ensuring the safety of you and your property by warding off intruders and potential threats.


Two security guards in hi-vis vests

Manned guarding and site security

Our company offers guarding services for both commercial and residential properties, serving as a proactive deterrent against various security threats. A visible security presence on the premises proves to be more effective than alternative methods, bringing peace of mind to you and your family. Our expertise extends to providing specialised security in Wiltshire and nationwide.


Executive protection services officer

Executive protection services

Our executive protection services cater to individuals in the public eye and high-value clients, offering heightened security tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need round-the-clock live-in security or close protection for events and travel, we are available around the clock to meet your requirements.


A VIP's bodyguard helping him into the car

Close protection

As ex-Forces veterans with extensive experience of providing specialised venue security, we are your ideal choice for close protection details. Whether you are staying at a hotel or attending an event where you believe security may be compromised, our knowledgeable team will look after every aspect of your personal security.


A female bodyguard

Specialist female bodyguards

Numerous clients find added security in having a female bodyguard, and we offer highly trained ex-forces female professionals to ensure exceptional security coverage. When you require a discreet, Forces-trained, and female private bodyguard, our military trained female security personnel will ensure your safety at all times.






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